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Bright Spells - The Friendly & Professional Website Company you've been looking for

If you are in the Hospitality business, whether as a Caterer, Restaurant, Public House, Takeaway, Hotel, B & B, or other similar business, then see our Hospitality Website Packages or contact Bright Spells on 07902 92 82 94 to find out how a website can improve your customer service and sales.

For your website to be invaluable to your business it must be useful to your customers (existing and potential) and the key to that is information:

Furthermore, your website must be:

That is our policy at Bright Spells and that is why we have developed the Bright Spells Web Wizard.

No-one knows the information relevant to your business better than you do and that is why the Wizard puts you in control of the information on your website. At the same time it frees you up from the time-consuming formatting and layout issues (not to mention all the fast-changing technological issues and different “standards”) normally associated with producing a website.

For more details on how easy it is to have a website promoting your business within just a few days then please see our Products page. Alternatively, or for further information please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.